Soak – Laundry Soap

Modern Care for the Laundry you love!  Soak lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, cashmere, hosiery, delicates.  Made with plant derived and renewable ingredients, Soak is as gentle on the planet as it is on your clothes.  Soak was created with hand-washing in mind, though it’s also great in the machine HE included.  No rinse means low suds.  Dirt and oils are trapped in the water and pulled away from your garment.  No residue left behind, no endless rinsing.

Makeup tools, hair brushes and beauty bags go through a lot. Thank them for keeping you looking good by returning the favour. Give your tools a good Soak every once and a while to keep them clean and looking new.

Flatter – Smoothing Spray

Flatter makes ironing easier. This starch-free smoothing spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. It’s flat out fabulous! Flatter leaves fabric sleek, soft, and static-free. Plus, the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin, and won’t harm the environment.

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