One-on-One Fashion Consultations


Style Boutique specializes in helping women look great. Our passion for unique styles and creative outfits is contagious, and we want you to benefit from it. Join our style experts for a chat and discover your true fashion potential.

We are more than happy to:

  • Assist you in determining which styles to keep or throw out.
  • Special order clothing in specific colours or sizes.
  • Help you put entire outfits together.
  • Give you honest opinions and knowledgeable suggestions.
  • Provide creative ideas to revamp your personal style.
  • Provide alterations from our seamstress at affordable rates.
  • Select accessories that will accentuate your outfits and clothing.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh take on your style for a new season, completely revamping your wardrobe, or looking for the perfect look before a night out, Style Boutique can help.

To find out more about our wardrobe consultations please contact us.